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School packages include complete sets of the six Chess Workouts plus First Lessons in Chess, bundled with multi-user software that tracks progress for unlimited students. These packages can be installed on a Windows server or individual Windows or Mac computers, either one computer at a time or via our money-saving multi-user licenses.

Individual tutorial descriptions are below. (Note that school software packages always include a full set of Chess Workouts.)

Vol. 0: First Lessons in Chess©

A perfect way for reading-aged children grade 3 and up (or their parents!) to get started in chess. First Lessons is for players new to chess, whether young or old. Covering all the basic rules and moves, chess notation, opening strategy, tactics and common endgame scenarios, this introduction to the Think Like A King learning series contains 30 chapters, dozens of animations, unique chess challenges plus 165 interactive chess puzzles that make learning a snap.

Vol. 1: Tactical Thinking©
by David MacEnulty
Master basic tactical concepts with an interactive tutorial designed to help players recognize strategic and tactical opportunities. From Pins to Forks and Skewers, Undermining to Overworking, basic tactical thinking is clearly defined and demonstrated via interactive puzzles. Simple text explanations and minimal reliance on chess notation make this a perfect teaching tool for beginning students.

Vol. 2: Checkmate Thinking©
by David MacEnulty
Apply the tactical lessons learned above and add the next level of thinking - pattern recognition and combination attacks - to pursue the ultimate goal: Checkmate. Over 300 interactive checkmate problems that transform beginners into real chess thinkers!

Vol. 3: Endgame Thinking©
by David MacEnulty
It may all come down to the Endgame, and here's where beginners have the most trouble. A course on the science of the end of the game, where clear thinking and careful play are critical. Learn the tactics of Pawn Promotion and the rules that let you create a winning position - or prevent your opponent from gaining one!

Vol. 4: Opening Thinking©
by David MacEnulty
A truly unique learning tool that explores the why and not just the how of opening play. Covering the common openings and variants, with Traps, Zaps and more.

Vol. 5: More Tactical Thinking©
by David MacEnulty and GM Miron Sher
Internationally acclaimed player and coach, GM Miron Sher, joins David MacEnulty as co-author of the second volume on tactics and strategy. This follow up to Vol. 1, Tactical Thinking, explores the use of all the important chess tactics in more complex positions. Intermediate players learn how to launch attacks over several moves, and gain material or positional advantage via the use of sophisticated tactical ploys.

Vol. 6: More Checkmate Thinking©
by David MacEnulty and GM Miron Sher

Follow up to Vol. 2, Checkmate Thinking. Using the same techniques of checkmate pattern recognition and attacks organized by piece combinations, players learn to recognize and execute their checkmate opportunities in more difficult situations. Over 300 puzzles with mate in two, three or more moves are used to teach intermediate players.

System Requirements:

  • Think Like A King Version 2.5 CDs contain software for Windows 95 through Vista and Mac OS X.
  • Requires 50 MB disk space.
  • Network version for Windows only.
  • Chess Club Manager and Chess Workouts School Edition usable on standalone PC/Mac or Windows server
  • Audience: First Lessons and Chess Workouts Vols. 1 & 2: Grade 3 & up readers (or younger, working with parents). Chess Workouts Vols. 3 6: Grade 4 & up readers.

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